About Bloom & Fleur

Bloom & Fleur Perfumes are inspired by floral, botanical, and exotic scents. Our perfumes are created using premium ingredients and hand crafted using artisan methods.
In business since 2009, Bloom & Fleur Perfumes has emerged as a market leader in the niche perfume industry. Bloom & Fleur Perfumes are sold in over 70 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Central America. 
Bloom Perfumes are hand crafted in our Michigan studio using traditional perfumery methods developed during the Victorian Era, the golden age of perfumery.

Using these slow, small-batch methods ensures each bottle receives individual attention and care. Every step of our process is done by hand - from mixing the fragrance, to bottling and boxing. Even the ribbons on our bottles are individually hand-tied and trimmed.

Bloom is a labor of love for our artisans and creative director, Vanessa Viragzik. Vanessa has been a perfumer for over 12 years and is extremely knowledgable about what notes compose a great fragrance. Each fragrance is slowly developed using these traditional methods, ensuring a beautiful, unique scent you won't find in mass-produced brands.