About Bloom & Fleur

Bloom & Fleur came to be after I closed my high-end women's boutique in the fall of 2008. The shop was in a resort town in Northern Michigan that was hit hard by the recession.

After closing the shop, I got a job as an executive assistant at a major automotive manufacturing company - what a change of pace! I went from fashion buying trips to New York and Chicago, to walking around a huge factory dodging forklifts and wearing safety glasses! Although my new job was incredibly rewarding and interesting, I still yearned for a creative outlet like I had when I owned the boutique.

I had always loved perfume and had always been interested in perfumery, so that winter I began studying the process of making perfume. I had always wanted to center the fragrances around the flowers I grew up smelling growing up in Michigan; lilac, lily of the valley, roses, etc... I began experimenting with blends and taking them to work, to try out on my friends. Everyone loved them, so I began taking orders and dabbling with creating packaging, logos, and descriptions of the scents.

When I got married, my husband encouraged me to take it a step further and create a full-fledged business. He helped me create better logos (he's awesome with that sort of thing!) and gave me advice on how to turn my hobby/business into a real business. He helps in the day-to-day operations by translating his automotive manufacturing experience into the perfume production arena by optimizing our processes and computer operations. Sometimes, I make him my guinea pig when I'm creating new blendsĀ - but don't tell him I let you in on the secret!

Here we are now, with Bloom & Fleur as the culmination of my desire to create perfumes based on the flowers I love so much. I hope you enjoy all the love and time I put into each of my blends, they truly are a labor of love!