The Bloom & Fleur Valentine’s Day Guide

This time of year, our orders skyrocket for one fragrance in particular, Blend no. 473. Maybe because of the red box, or maybe because it’s our most overtly feminine fragrance, Blend no. 473 is our top seller in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

When we were thinking of creating a Valentine’s Day gift guide, we realized Valentine’s Day is about so much more than just giving and receiving a gift. The whole day is an opportunity to not only pamper yourself in preparation for a night out (or in), but to reflect on how you can make the day special for yourself and your sweetheart.

Here’s the Bloom & Fleur curated list of things we love for this Valentine’s Day:

The dress:

TetianaK Neck Bow Dress

TetianaK Neck Bow Dress, $149 CAD.

This stunner from Canadian designer TetianaK is practically perfect in every way. We love the luxe Pinot Noir color and elegant long sleeves. The bow at the collar is a nod to the retro, ladylike styling of the 1950s. Not only are TetianaK pieces affordable, they are also crafted in Canada by a small team of sewists. Tetiana herself finds inspiration from vintage fashion, and is an old friend of ours from years ago - we met when we shared the very back corner of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago at the first trade show both of us attended for our lines!


The Jewels:

OhKuol Dual Birthstone Bangle

OhKuol Dual Birthstone Bangle Bracelet, $179+ via Etsy.

OhKuol is one of our favorite jewelry designers from Etsy. Their pieces are modern, unique, and classic at the same time. We love how they utilize semi-precious stones and agates to create their pieces.

We absolutely love this dual birthstone bangle from their Etsy shop. If you’re wearing the TetianaK dress, simple jewelry is best. Because the neck has the bow accent, a necklace would be superfluous. Set off the dress with this beautiful bangle (customized with yours and your sweetheart’s birthstones!), and some simple gemstone stud earrings to finish the look.


The Scent:

Bloom Blend no. 473

Bloom Blend no. 473

Of course, we’re going to talk about Blend no. 473. Our customer favorite around this time of year, this blend is incredibly feminine. Think of Old Hollywood starlets, brushed out roller set hair, silk charmeuse dressing gowns, and little house slippers with feathers on the vamp. This is Blend no. 473.

A truly luxe scent, the bottle would be right at home on a Hollywood Regency style dressing table. Cherry blossom notes begin the scent, with a light burst of cherry fruit and rose following after the initial spritz. After this, the dry down of lily, vanilla, and a slight hint of powder is a fragrance that will linger and transport you to times gone by.


The Cocktail:

Since we are scent-obsessed in general, we notice fragrance everywhere. If you’re a spirits aficionado, you’re well aware of the myriad scents present in drinks such as Scotch whisky, gin, and even craft beer. One of our favorite things to do is blend new cocktails to compliment our meals, this isn’t surprising at all, is it?!

One of our latest creations is a cocktail we call Soap. Don’t let the name put you off, this drink is incredibly tasty (believe us, Ralphie, it won’t set off your PTSD). 

If you are a fan of the scent of rose, this cocktail will certainly surprise you. My husband created this drink for us to eat with a delicate dessert, and we fell in love with how it turned out. The scent is reminiscent of an heirloom rose bush that happens to be in the middle of a pine forest. Fresh, floral, and absolutely unique.

To make Soap (2 cocktails):

Pour gin into a Champagne flute or coupe. Add 4 oz. Rose Lemondade. Garnish with a lemon twist and dried rosebuds.


For Him:

Our list wouldn’t be complete without suggesting a gift for him. While Bloom & Fleur concentrates on perfumes for her, we’d love to suggest one of our personal favorites as a gift idea for the man in your life.

Penhaligons The Tragedy of Lord George

Penhaligon's The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum

If you’ve never heard of Penhaligon’s, you’re in for a new obsession. This fragrance house based in London is the answer to all your super-niche perfume hopes and dreams. Penhaligon’s began as a barber shop, so their fragrances have an amazing ability to transport anyone to the feeling of London a hundred years ago. Amid the hustle and bustle of people, a rare gentleman would pass on the street, impeccably dressed and smelling of Penhaligon’s.

They excel at creating masculine scents, and The Tragedy of Lord George is a masterpiece.

Notes of brandy, shaving soap, and tonka bean create a scent that transforms any modern man into a gentleman of Edwardian London.

Your sweetheart will love not only the scent, but the incredibly unique stag head bottle!

We hope you have an absolutely wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Vanessa, Perfumer and Creative Director

Bloom & Fleur Perfumes

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