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The Bloom & Fleur Valentine’s Day Guide

This time of year, our orders skyrocket for one fragrance in particular, Blend no. 473. Maybe because of the red box, or maybe because it’s our most overtly feminine fragrance, Blend no. 473 is our top seller in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.  When we were thinking of creating a Valentine’s Day gift guide, we realized Valentine’s Day is about so much more than just giving and receiving a gift. The whole day is an opportunity to not only pamper yourself in preparation for a night out (or in), but to reflect on how you can make the day special for yourself and your sweetheart. Here’s the Bloom & Fleur curated list of things we love for this Valentine’s...

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Welcome to The Pipette!

Welcome! What is a pipette, exactly? A pipette is a liquid transportation tube, sometimes also used to measure liquids. They are used in chemistry, biology, medicine, and of course, perfumery! We couldn't work without them, so we thought we'd name our blog after this essential element of our industry! We love sharing information with our customers, and this blog will be a great way for us to keep in touch, announce new products, seasonal ideas, and other features. Stay tuned for more posts!

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